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About Tuba Negin Company

Tuba Negin Company has started its activity since 1996 regarding the imports and distribution of laboratory equipment and consumables in the field of Genetic Engineering, Cellular and Molecular Biology, Cell Culture, Immunology and Biochemistry. Our purpose is to supply the high quality products from the well-known manufacturers around the world. We are proud that our company is known as reputable and reliable in many scientific, academic, research and medical centers. The Pharmaceutical department of Tuba Negin Company has recently started its activity in the field of supplying Pharmaceutical Raw Materials by obtaining necessary licenses from MOH the Food and Drug Administration. During this time, relying on trade relations and the capability of its specialized and experienced human resources, they have been able to present a brilliant record in meeting the needs of the country’s Pharmaceutical Industry. We are also present to inform that Tuba Negin Company was abale to obtain exclusive representation from well-known companies in the field of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) equipment and in this context, it meets the needs of Infertility treatment centers in the country.

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