Flowcytometer Bricyte E6

Product Features

Company: Mindray China

Can be used in all research, academic, diagnostic and treatment centers.

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Bricyte E6 Flowcytometer can be used in all research, academic, diagnostic and therapeutic centers and a variety of Flowcytometry tests such as Immunophenotyping, Platelet count, Cell cycle, DNA content, Phenotyping of Leukemia and Lymphoma, Crossmatch, Lymph panels-Neutrophils-B cell, T cell PNH and HLA Typing can be done by this equipment.

This equipment has two semiconductor lasers with unlimited half-life and optical parameters of 4 to 6 colors and it can makes it possible to use ordinary laboratory tubes to read the samples.

Washing, quality control, voltage adjustment, color separation and calibration is automatic in this equipment.

It should be noted that this qeuipment abales to connect to the central LIS network.