Anti-vibration AV1

Product Features

ORIGIO fromCooperSurgical ® company

Designed to perform all ICSI procedures

Eliminate any possible vibrations during the test


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This anti-vibration table is suitable for placing all types of inverted microscopes in IVF laboratories weighing 15 to 72 kg and the ability to adjust the spring system to the desired resonance frequency is another unique feature.

The AV1 anti-vibration table eliminates any possible vibration during the test and quickly reduces mass and hardness.

This table has a balanced and isolated surface for placing the inverted microscope and provides a suitable space for placing the mini incubator.

The ability to install the monitor on an adjustable arm is another feature of this table.

It should be noted that this table is made of stainless steel.




Overall dimensions: 70*78*120 cm

Weight: 100 kg