Workstation L126 Dual

Product Features

K-SYSTEMbrand from CooperSurgical ® company

Workstation designed to work with two stereo microscopes in the Embryology and Andrology Laboratory

Creating a safe and optimal environment for ovule, spermatocytes and embryos


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The L125 Dual workstations are designed to work with two stereo microscopes and provide a safe environment for the fetus at all stages of the experiment.

This workstation has a suitable filtration system to provide clean air in the work area (HEPA andVOC)And it has six separate temperature adjustment sensors on three functional areas. (Alu Heat System)

The L126 Dual workstation has two microscope light inlets with temperature control capability and a diameter of 90 cm (Heated Glass Stage) and two unique humidification and temperature control systems.

An LEDlight sourceis installed under the workbench for stereo microscopy.

It should be noted that this workstation has achamber to protect the operator from the light and the two electrical outputs inside the cabinet are other features.

Also in this workstation, there is a space for installing a 19-inch monitor (LCD), which can be used for educational applications and it is optional.



External Dimensions : 73*184*202 cm

Workspace size: 182*55 cm

Distance from work area to HEPA filter: 71 cm

The amount of energy consumption: 988 Watt