Workstation L124 IVF ICSI

Product Features

K-SYSTEMbrand from CooperSurgical ® company

Workstation designed to work with an inverted microscope in the Embryology and Andrology Laboratory

Creating a secure and optimal environment forICSI / IMSI


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The L124 IVF ICSI workstations are designed to work with an inverted microscope and allow the installation of most inverted microscopes.

This workstation provides a safe environment for all ICSI / IMSI procedures and it has a filtration system (HEPA and VOC) suitable for providing clean air in the work area.

An integrated anti-vibration table is another feature of this workstation that eliminates any possible vibration during the test.

This workstation also has an electrical outlet installed inside the cabinet and a fixed window.




External dimensions: 73*124*202 cm

Workspace size: 122*55 cm (stainless steel table)

Distance from work area to HEPA filter: 71 cm