Real Time PCR LightCycler 480

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Company: RocheGermany

PCR equipment designed with accurate software and very simple to use

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LightCycler 480 PCRequipment has 6 detection channels and5 light production channels with the most advanced Xenon lamps and its software is accurate and it is easy to use.

This equipment has aplate based system that allows the conversion of 96 channels to 384 channels automatically.

The RT-PCR device has the ability to detect the PCR product online as the reaction progresses, and it is possible to perform mutation analysis, SNP genotyping, and different PCR products using the melting temperature (Tm).

This equipment also makes it possible to performTaqMan, FRET, SYBR Green, Simple Probe, HybProbe, Hydrolysis techniques.




















Dimension: 57.4*58.8*49.7

Weight: 55.6 kg