Thermal cycler 5 PRIME

Product Features

Company: ®TechneEngland

Thermal cycler designed with an easy programming software

Tuba Negin Company Representation

4 year warranty

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The 5PRIME thermocycler has a touch interface and easy programming software, and its blocks are interchangeable.

This equipment can be upgraded with high operational power and maximum flexibility and it has an adjustable lid.

The color touch screen is embedded for quick launch and its programming is achieved by this touch screen and an intuitive software.

The USB port on this equipment allows you to transfer programs and record temperatures to your PC.





Dimension of the blocks: 0.2 and 0.5 ml

Gradient range: 30 to 80 C°

Temperature accuracy:±0.25 C°

Temperature range: 4to100 C°

Dimensions(w x d x h): 210*350*180 mm